Inspired by winning racing pedigree

The new Audi R8 is a masterpiece; stunning design engineering and automotive genius. Nothing else on the road looks or drives like it.


Audi design engineers have taken more than just inspiration from their multiple Le Mans-winning cars. Compare the new R8 with its race-winning parents and you’ll notice some distinct similarities. But it’s not just the new Audi R8’s stunning looks that have been inspired by our track cars.


Over 70 years of successful competitive motor racing, we’ve learnt a lot about building high-performance, class-leading cars. But the knowledge we’ve built on the track doesn’t just stay there; a surprising amount of thoroughbred racing technology finds its way into our production cars. From the clarity of the instrumentation to the power of the engine, there’s racing pedigree in every Audi.

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The new Audi R8 Spyder

The new Audi R8 Spyder's striking silhouette makes a clear, bold statement the moment you see it. It’s elegant. Assured. Poised. And athletic.

The prominent single-frame grille and LED headlights contribute to the striking visual impact of the car’s composition. And the multiple fins on the sports air intakes, while totally functional for cooling the R8’s mechanical components, are designed with panache, flair and style.

The new R8 pushes the boundaries of Vorsprung durch Technik like never before.

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Louise Vukomanovic appointed new Press Fleet Manager at Audi UK

Audi press specialist promoted to fleet manager in the press office

The Audi Press office has appointed Louise Vukomanovic as the new Press Fleet and VIP Manager following the move of Juliet Carrington to Head of Public Relations for SEAT UK. Louise was formerly Press fleet executive at Audi and takes up her new role on September 3.

Louise, who has been a familiar part of the press team at Audi for 9 years, brings an in-depth understanding of press car operations and detailed knowledge of the range. Having been one of the Audi press team throughout the 7-year range explosion to 42 models, Louise has been a key player in ensuring the media has access to the fast expanding press fleet.

Commenting on the appointment Jon Zammett Head of Audi Public Relations said “We are very fortunate to have such an experienced press fleet specialist available to take over from Juliet Carrington following her well-deserved promotion. Louise has completely appropriate experience to assume the helm of our fleet and I know she has a wealth of key knowledge about our specific range complexity”.

Louise now becomes one of the three Key PR mangers at Audi reporting directly to the Head of Public Relations in the UK PR team at Milton Keynes.

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Audi A7 Sportback Electronic Safety

ESP keeps you pointing in the right direction

Audi’s electronic stability program (ESP) is a combination of advanced technologies that helps keep the car under control in more extreme situations such as when you need to avoid an unexpected obstacle in the road. ESP is especially helpful in adverse weather conditions.

When you need to turn quickly and sharply, ESP identifies your intended direction and responds by applying the brakes to individual wheels.

Brake disc wiping – keeping your brakes dry

In the wet, ESP also dries the brake discs by intermittently applying the brake pads lightly. You and your passengers won’t notice but, compared with conventional braking systems, your stopping distances on wet roads will be considerably shortened.

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quattro®: Assured cornering, superb control

quattro is Audi’s renowned four-wheel-drive technology. With quattro, optimal drive delivery to each wheel is managed automatically and continuously, for superior handling and phenomenal grip – even in less than perfect driving conditions.

In 1980, the Audi quattro was the first permanent four-wheel drive production car. So while the technology is thoroughly tried and tested, it has also been enhanced and evolved ever since it was first introduced.

The latest version of quattro found in the Audi A6 allroad typically sends 60 percent of its power to the rear axle and 40 to the front - delivering a sporty driving experience. As road conditions demand a maximum of 80 percent which can be sent to the rear axel and 60 perfect to the front. All of which ensures complete stability and traction whatever the situation.

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