When you decelerate, the energy created is lost. Brake energy recuperation recycles this energy to lighten the load on your engine. It can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%.

When you’re coasting or braking, the car’s alternator generates energy. Brake energy recuperation allows this energy to be stored. When you accelerate or drive at a constant speed this stored energy is used so less energy is wasted in driving the alternator. This lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Article source: www.audi.co.uk

A Bluetooth connection allows hands-free operation of compatible mobile phones and is available across the Audi range.

In addition to hands-free functionality such as accepting and rejecting calls and hands-free communication, mobile phone preparation provides direct access to entries and phone numbers stored in the address book of compatible phones.

Article source: www.audi.co.uk

The TT RS sports suspension is designed and configured for agility, confidence and dynamic driving. With its high-performance engine-and-gearbox combination, you’ll experience emphasised sporty handling combined with very high standards of safety.

The TT RS is fitted with RS Sports suspension, with dynamically tuned springs and dampers. This limits body movement when pulling away, braking and cornering. The result is assured road-holding, more precise steering and an altogether sportier driving experience.

Article source: www.audi.co.uk

Conceptual successor to the legendary Sport quattro of the Eighties combines stunning looks with 700PS V8 petrol hybrid power

  • International debut at Frankfurt Motor Show (September 12-22)
  • Plug-in hybrid offering 700PS of system power and 800Nm of system torque
  • 560PS V8 with cylinder-on-demand technology combined with 110kW electric motor
  • 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds, top speed 189mph, 113mpg and 59g/km according to applicable standard
  • Extensive use of aluminium and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)
  • Advanced new MatrixBeam LED headlights

Article source: www.audi.co.uk

Flagship Audi is further refined by a raft of technological advances and engine upgrades


  • International debut at Frankfurt Motor Show (September 12-22)
  • Even more power and greater fuel efficiency across entire model line-up
  • Increased use of cylinder on demand technology
  • Unique new MatrixBeam LED headlights improve safety
  • UK arrival scheduled for January 2014

Unadulterated luxury is delivered with even more élan and even greater efficiency in the new generation Audi A8, which makes its debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The latest flagship combines revisions to its weight-optimised, predominantly aluminium body with a raft of technological advances including new MatrixBeam LED headlights and an upgraded line-up of EU6-compliant engines.

Built around the lightweight aluminium Audi Space Frame, the almost entirely aluminium body of the new generation A8 has been finessed by subtle resculpting of the bonnet, the single frame grille, the front bumper and the lower edge of the headlight units. At the rear, the design of the LED tail lamps has been revised and the bumper in all models bar the S8 now incorporates two rhomboid tail pipes. New chrome elements, new high gloss black window surrounds and five new colours also mark out the updated car.

The visual appeal, visibility and active safety of the new generation A8 can also now be enhanced by new optional headlights employing MatrixBeam Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology which sets new benchmarks.

Article source: www.audi.co.uk