Audi RS 4 Avant takes the title of Most Popular High Performance Car at this year’s Honest John Awards

  • 450 PS Audi Avant with 4.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 FSI and 430 Nm wins Most Popular High Performance Car
  • Performance credentials highlighted by a 4.7-second 0-62mph time and a governed 155mph top speed, which can be raised to 174mph
  • Available now, priced at £55,525 OTR

The formidable Audi RS 4 Avant has captured the imagination of readers to such an extent over the past year that it has been voted Most Popular High Performance Car in the 2013 Honest John Awards, based on sheer volume of page views.

Users of the leading consumer website - which logs around 1.5 million hits each month - registered the highest number of page views for the RS 4, measured between April 2012 and April 2013, resulting in a category win for the absorbing eight-cylinder super Avant.

Dan Harrison, Editor of, commented: “While crossovers and family hatchbacks may seem the obviously popular markets, performance and sports cars take a big share of views on – usually the more powerful the better.

“And it’s easy to see why the thunderously quick Audi RS 4 Avant has proved so popular. A Big V8 engine, 450hp and quattro all-wheel-drive along with estate car practicality make it unique. That combination certainly appeals to our users who clearly love it.”

Commenting on the award, Director of Audi UK, Martin Sander said: “We are very proud of the RS 4 Avant, and very pleased that it has proved to be such a hit with the knowledgeable and well informed readers of the respected Honest John website. The enthusiasm of audiences like these has of course been a key factor in the success of our RS range, and it’s something that we value highly.”

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When you decelerate, the energy created is lost. Brake energy recuperation recycles this energy to lighten the load on your engine. It can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%.

When you’re coasting or braking, the car’s alternator generates energy. Brake energy recuperation allows this energy to be stored. When you accelerate or drive at a constant speed this stored energy is used so less energy is wasted in driving the alternator. This lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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  • Online service shows fuel prices at the push of a button
  • Function available now for the A3 family and for virtually all Audi models in the future
  • Just one of many features available when Satellite Navigation plus and Mobile Phone Preparation - High with Audi connect options are specified

Audi is constantly striving to build cars that save ever greater quantities of fuel, so it is a natural progression for the Vorsprung durch Technik brand to offer its drivers a new online feature that helps them save money on the fuel itself.

The new Fuel Prices service becomes available this month, initially for A3 and A3 Sportback models, as part of an enhanced version of the 'Mobile Phone Preparation - High with Audi connect' option. This further developed option will gradually be rolled out to the majority of models during 2013 - the TT and R8 will adopt it at a later date.

The system consults an online database to list the cheapest filling stations in real time at the prevailing location, at the driver's destination or at a location of his or her choice. It even takes into account the type of fuel required. The driver can sort the overview list by price or by distance, and once a filling station has been selected one click is all that is required to set the selected filling station as a navigation destination.

The Fuel Prices feature is just one of several useful and informative components of the enhanced Audi connect option, which must also be combined with the hard disk-based Satellite Navigation Plus. The two optional items are available in the A3 as part of the cost-effective Technology Pack High with Audi connect, costing £1,795.

Audi connect is the collective term the brand uses to encompass all the technologies that connect the driver to the car, the Internet and the infrastructure. In its updated form this advanced interface not only delivers the new fuel prices function alongside more familiar services such as Google Maps, Google Street View, Audi traffic information online and Audi music stream, but also 'Picturebook Navigation', access to social media services such as Facebook and Twitter, the latest news, flight and train information and even a City Events 'what's on' guide in specific towns and cities.

Navigation using personal photography

Picturebook Navigation enables the driver to store photos of destinations linked with geopositioning data in a "picture book" on a server. These can be the driver's own photos or images from Google Maps Street View or the Internet community. The driver can then use the images to plot a route. The photos are loaded into the picture box either via SD card or via a myAudi account linked to the vehicle.

Facebook and Twitter communication in the car is made using preconfigured text modules which can be sent to customers, business partners, family members and friends. These can also include data such as the current location, if desired.

A myAudi account can be set up by visiting and clicking on the myAudi link at the foot of the homepage. Alternatively, the same functionality is available in a free MMI connect app available for smartphones and other devices running Apple iOS6 and Android 4 operating systems.

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  • Global deliveries since January at around 503,000 units, up 6.7 per cent
  • UK cumulative sales reach almost 50,000, a 9.6 per cent increase over the previous year
  • UK April sales figures reach 10,205, up 9.4 per cent on April 2012
  • Sales chief Luca de Meo: "Dynamics in North America and Asia support worldwide growth impetus

  • Market launch of locally produced Q3 and new-generation Q5 in China

Audi has marked the start of the second quarter with further sales growth. The Ingolstadt-based premium manufacturer sold around 133,500 cars in April, representing an increase of 6.6 per cent compared with the same period in 2012. UK demand for Audi models remains particularly strong - 10,205 sales were recorded here, representing a 9.4 per cent increase on April last year. In total, around 503,000 customers worldwide have chosen a new Audi since the beginning of this year, an increase of 6.7 per cent.

This is the first time that Audi has exceeded the threshold of half a million deliveries after just four months. In particular demand for the new A3 family and the Q3, Q5 and Q7 SUV models strengthened business for the brand with the four rings.

"Given the extremely difficult market situation in Europe, we see our global sales result for April as positive. Especially the USA and China are currently setting the pace for Audi," says Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. And: "We are further strengthening our position in China with the launch of the locally produced Audi Q3, in a very dynamic segment. Already today, more than every third customer in the Chinese premium market decides in favour of an SUV."

The Q3 went into local production a few weeks ago at the Changchun site as Audi's fourth locally produced model alongside the A6 L, A4 L and Q5. The first units of the compact SUV became available in Chinese dealerships in April. Also the new generation of the Q5, an extremely popular model in China, went into the showrooms last month. Together with the Q7, Audi's SUV sales in China increased by 31.3 per cent to 11,784 units already in April. Also sales of the locally produced A4 L saw strong growth of 19.5 per cent to 10,426 units. Across the entire model range, Audi recorded a growth of 13.1 per cent to 38,710 cars delivered last month. From January to April, Audi handed 141,520 automobiles over to Chinese customers, an increase of 13.9 per cent.

Other markets as well contributed to Audi's continued dynamic growth in the Asia-Pacific region with strong double-digit growth in April. In Japan for example, the brand with the four rings expanded its business by 36.3 per cent to sales of 1,858 cars, in South Korea by 35.7 per cent to 1,711 units and in India by 37.0 per cent to 770 automobiles.

In Europe, however, Audi was also not able to escape the general economic situation: In April, sales in this region decreased by 1.9 per cent to around 65,500 premium automobiles. In France, where Audi had achieved sales growth of 13.7 per cent in the prior-year month, deliveries this April decreased by a similar percentage (-10.2 per cent to 5,648 cars). In Italy, the dip for Audi accounted for 19.4 per cent last month, corresponding to 3,920 units sold. In comparison to the same period last year, this result reflects the negative overall market condition as well as the fact that in April 2012, two new models in the Audi portfolio, the A1 Sportback and the Q3, had just become fully available in this market.

In Germany sales tailed off by 3.7 per cent to 23,411 cars, while Russia (+11.1 per cent to 3,651 cars) and the UK bucked the trend, posting particularly impressive growth among the major European sales markets. In the United Kingdom, the 9.4 per cent increase in demand for Audi models was strengthened by the successful start of the A3 Sportback and the new-generation Q5. In total, European sales for the Audi model range in the first four months of 2013 matched the same period in 2012, with 253,050 units delivered (+/- 0 per cent). This means that the business of Audi AG in Europe is developing in a much more stable way than the region's overall market.

In the USA, Audi of America continued its strong performance of the previous months with substantial growth of 14.2 per cent to 13,157 deliveries in April. The brand was again particularly successful with its full-size models: 467 customers took delivery of a new Audi A8, 30.4 per cent more than in April 2012. This month, the diesel powered version of the brand's flagship became available at US dealers for the first time. As the year progresses, Audi will expand its TDI offensive in the USA with the A6, the A7 and the Q5. Audi's second full-size sedan, the A6, also made good headway in the USA last month, with growth of 21.7 per cent to 1,905 units sold. Also the brand's SUVs continue to be extremely popular with US customers: Audi of America recorded 1,183 deliveries of the Q7 in April (plus 33.4 per cent), and 3,241 of the Q5 (plus 31.6 per cent).

Meanwhile, Mexico has established itself as another growth driver for Audi in North America. With growth of 54.7 per cent to 3,553 units sold from January through April, Audi is the leading premium brand in the Mexican market. In April alone, unit sales climbed by 74.8 per cent compared with the prior-year month, boosted for example by strong demand for the new A3. As of 2016, Audi will produce the Q5 for the world market in the Mexican city of San José Chiapa; last Saturday, the Board of Management of AUDI AG laid the foundation stone for the new car factory there.

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  • Live stream on Audi Media TV and via the Audi Media app
  • TV broadcast of the Audi Press Conference at Auto Shanghai 2013 via satellite
  • Footage available online

Audi is celebrating a world premiere at the Auto Shanghai 2013 by presenting a new member of the A3 family – the A3 Saloon.

You can follow the Audi Press Conference live via several channels. Audi Communications provides access to the live broadcast, along with comprehensive background information.

Tune in on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 01:30 A.M. (GMT) / 03:30 A.M. (CEST) via:

It is also possible to incorporate the world premiere of the A3 Saloon into your website as a live stream with the embed code provided.

Users of mobile devices can access the stream via the AudiMedia app. For information on the app and on how to download it, see:

TV stations can use the downlink to record the press conference (see the document for satellite coordinates). TV footage is available on:

along with additional information such as photos and the web video of the Audi Press Conference.

Europe/Middle East - live HD feed

Date: April 20, 2013

Time: 03:30 – 04:15 CET (01:30 – 02:15 UTC/GMT)

Live feed to start at appx 03:30 CET (01:30 UTC/GMT)

Satellite open from 02:45 CET (00:45 UTC/GMT)

Satellites: EUT10A – at 10° East

Txp. B1 Channel 3+4 18MHz ku slot

Downlink Frequency: 11.018,500 MHZ

Downlink Polarisation: horizontal (X)

Encoding: MPEG2/ 4:2:2 / DVB-S2 / 8PSK modulation / 25% roll off

SR 14.400 msym/sec

FEC 3/4 clear key – pilot off !!!

Video Standard: 1080i / 50Hz HD feed

Audio: Ch 1: original show mix, Ch 2: English commentary guide

Ch 3: tba Ch 4: tba





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