A few simple checks by you between regular services will help keep your car running smoothly. If anything needs looking at, the sooner you tell us the easier it will be to resolve.

It’s always important to keep an eye on your tyres. Remember to regularly check tyre pressure, tread depth and their general condition.

If your engine oil or coolant levels need topping up, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on oil refills and the quality of oil you use (your local Audi Centre will be happy to advise you).

Keeping safe on the road is essential, so you should ensure your car is in good condition and roadworthy at all times, including lights and indicators.

Please remember to book in your car for servicing at the recommended service intervals with an authorised Audi Centre. If it’s not convenient for you to do this at your local Centre, then any Centre in our national network will be pleased to help.

As you know, not all costs are covered by Audi Complete. You will be expected to pay for any damage caused to, or deterioration of, your car other than through fair wear and tear. That’s why a few simple checks by you will help keep your Audi in the best condition.

Article source: www.audi.co.uk